Hi there, and thank you for looking at my portfolio!

I’m Jonathan, and I’m a 3D Game Artist. I dabble with a little bit of everything art-wise, but I especially love working with environments, and my goal right now is to find a job as an environment artist full-time.

I’ve been working in the industry for over two years now. For the past fifteen months I have been working at Frogsong Studios, of which I am also one of the founders. We’ve been working full-time producing our first commercial title Spellsworn, which blasted through Steam’s Greenlight process in no time, and is about to go Early-Access.

Before that, I worked nine months as an game art intern at Defrost Games, where I worked on two commercial titles, one of which has been released on steam.

I’m also a Game Artist graduate from The Game Assembly, a game production education with a very intense curriculum. The education is 2.5 years long, and it is written by the Swedish games industry, cooperating with companies like Massive Entertainment. During the first two years I have been part of creating no less than eight games together with other students, while at the same time taking courses in advanced 3D-modeling, digital sculpting and texturing, as well as game engines, physically based lighting and some portfolio production.

During my years developing games I have acquired a very broad range of skills, having done just about everything related to game art during all my projects. From concept art to 3D models to rigging and animation to final implementation in a game. I have a lot of experience in industry standard tools such as Autodesk Maya, zBrush, Photoshop, Unreal 4 and Unity, and I’ve learned to very quickly adapt to new tools and pipelines.

In my spare time I also run a small web-comic called (no) Heroes Wanted, and I’m always working to refine my skills as an artist, both digital and conventional.

So thank you again for looking through my portfolio! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re looking for someone with my skills and experience, or if you simply want to extend your professional network, or even just to say hi!